Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello Cloud

While I've spent some time in the past writing for corporate blogs, I felt like it was time to create something outside of that narrow focus. So today I'm starting "Clouds of Change" to explore the rapidly changing world of Cloud Computing. My hope is to bring something new to an already crowded discussion, specifically focused on how Cloud is changing how businesses' Cloudifferentiate themselves by leveraging this new Computing and Economic model.

The focus of these discussions may touch on various aspects of technology, to provide context, but the primary focus will be on people. As much as technology can create change, it's ultimately people that have to create, adopt and drive the changes that technology can enable. Some of the discussions may use existing frameworks for driving change, such as Kotter's Leading Change or the Heath Brother's Switch. Other discussions will build on experiences from experiences in the IT industry from people making these changes everyday.

I hope you find the topics interesting and thought-provoking. If you do, please comment and extend the discussion. Or tell a friend and expand the scope.