Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Technical Cloud Resources

As I discussed in my introductory post, this blog is primarily focused on the people-side decision-making of Cloud Computing. But considering that Cloud Computing is fundamentally a way of using technology, and technologists must be part of any discussion (vendor selection, technology selection, operational models, etc.), I wanted to make reference to several resource that I use on a regular basis to stay updated on the technologies that make up Cloud. There are obviously make more out there, but I find that these give me a fairly robust picture of the topics and trends around Cloud Computing.

Industry Analysts
  • The Burton Group - Chris Wolf (Analyst)
  • Gartner - Thomas Bittman (Analyst)
  • Frost & Sullivan - Vanessa Alvarez (Analyst)
Technology Areas
  • Infrastructure 2.0 - Network Infrastructure
  • Blades Made Simple - The engines driving the digital bits factories
  • The Wisdom of Clouds - Operations, Software Development (James Urquhart)
  • Data Center Knowledge - Physical Elements of Data Centers Facilities
  • Rational Survivability - Cloud Computing & Security (Chris Hoff)
Vendor Sites (Products & Services)
Cloud Computing Services


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