Friday, July 30, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Options

Two business executives walk into a bar, the CEO and the CIO, after a long day of board meetings. The world is moving fast, the shareholders want better results, the competition is getting fiercer and they need some options (and answers). After ordering their drinks, the CEO asks the CIO, "what's next...?"

Having pondered this question over and over again for the last year, the CIO says that it looks like they have three options if they want to include technology as part of their strategy to make the next few board meetings less conflicted.

Option 1 - Private Cloud
This option could also be called the "I want my cake and I'll eat it too" option. This approach asks the CIO to take the best of Public Cloud (see Option 3) in terms of automation, scalability, self-service management, unified-support, and OPEX-centric - and marry it with a desire to maintain strong control over the data and security for compliance, legal or "I'm just not sure about those outside groups..." reasons.

Private Cloud means that the business maintains control. Control of their data, control of their operational model and control over the pace of adoption. The faster they drive the pace, the faster they can begin to leverage the technology for greater cost savings or operational flexibility.