Sunday, November 13, 2011

VM Mobility and Electric Cars - New Roads for New Cars?

For the past couple years, as hybrid and electric car technologies evolved, I've been evaluating when was the right time for me to make the switch. For 90% of my driving, I travel within 40-50 miles in a day. I could easily get to when I needed without any concerns about recharging options (or challenges). But occasionally, I need to go a few hundred miles in a day - family vacations, travel to a business meeting, etc. - so I need to be concerned about refueling challenges. Sometimes costs come into play, but in most cases it works out to be at least break-even for the new vehicles over a 5-7 year period.

But one thing I never have to think about with the new vehicles is that they will require new roads. New fueling stations, or access to a power plug - yes. But never the wholesale replacement, or even overlay, of the millions of miles of state and national highways. Can you image if that's what Toyota, Ford, GM and others proposed in other to be able to leverage the value of these new mobility technologies?

But isn't that a decent analogy for what's happening in the networking and virtualization industries these days? If you truly have a need for VM mobility, across longer distance, you're most likely going to need a significant change to the underlying infrastructure to help you realize the value of that VM mobility.

Are there technology options out there to begin to make this happen? Yes.
Will they create the potential for massive change of that infrastructure? Yes.
Is that really what was intended to bring out the value of virtualization technology? Hmmm.....

NOTE: For more technical-level details, the guys from Packet Pushers podcast do an excellent job of discussing the bigger picture of what this means and the challenges (Show 71, 68, 66)

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