Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[NEW] Cloud Computing for Business Managers - Whiteboard Videos

As a follow-up to the previous series of Cloud Computing whiteboard videos, primarily focused on the technology aspects, we decided to create some videos that speak to business managers. The topics include:
  • The Evolution of Consumer Behavior (tablets, smartphones, social media, apps)
  • IT is the New Marketing Engine
  • Shadow IT - Building an IT overlay team 
  • Open Up Your Business Knowledge to the World (APIs, Open Data)
  • Uncovering New Markets from Digital Noise (Big Data)
  • Expensing Your IT Budget on a Credit Card? (OPEX vs. CAPEX)
  • Build a Fence, Build a Team, Build a Community (Evolving IT)

We realize that these might turn off some of the technologists that listen to our podcast. We'll apologize in advance for that, but we believe that Cloud Computing is about more than just the technology. It's a shift in how the business uses technology (costs, flexibility) and how the business can leverage technology (connect with customers, analyze markets, etc.). If the business people don't understand this shift in their words, it will be very difficult for the new technologies to be adopted.

As always, you're feedback and suggestions on new videos is greatly appreciated.


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